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5 Moves The Milwaukee Bucks Could Make Through Free Agency

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Five Potential Free Agent Signings for Milwaukee Bucks

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With Larry Drew taking over the head coaching job for the Milwaukee Bucks and the team having several key players becoming free agents this offseason, we could be in store for a serious rebuild for the Bucks. Brandon Jennings is a free agent who will surely receive some interest on the market, but as a restricted free agent, the Bucks can match any offer that is made to Jennings. Monta Ellis opted out of his current deal and is now an unrestricted free agent. Ellis is free to sign with any team in the NBA, but I am sure the Bucks are going to look into bringing him back. J.J. Redick is also an unrestricted free agent and will surely receive a ton of attention on the open market due to his incredible three-point shooting. It will be interesting to see if the Bucks will try to bring these guys back, or if they are just ready to rebuild with the pieces that they have.

Depending on who the Bucks re-sign and at what price, they could be looking at a ton of cap space this offseason. Milwaukee has some serious holes on their team that could be filled via free agency. If they lose out on any or all of their free agent guards, there will be plenty of potential replacements on the open market.

In addition to their guards, the Bucks have some nice pieces down low, most notably Larry Sanders and Ersan Ilyasova. While Sanders is limited offensively, he is an incredible shot blocker and rebounder. His defensive presence is huge for the Bucks as he can make up for mistakes made on the perimeter. Ilyasova is a 6-foot-10 forward who can rebound very well and shoot from the outside. Offensively, you can see his potential, and I think he would grow into a great scorer with more opportunity. They also have the young John Henson, who did not receive much playing time in his rookie season, but he has great potential.

This offseason will be very interesting for Milwaukee. Do they continue to roll with Jennings and Ellis as their backcourt, or are they going to look to use their cap space to go in another direction. Either way, this team has some nice potential and if they make a couple right moves, may be on their way to being competitive. Here are five potential free agent signings for the Bucks.

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No. 5: Resign Brandon Jennings or Monta Ellis

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I believe they need to bring back either Ellis or Jennings, but not both. They do not match up well as a backcourt duo because both players need the ball in their hands to be successful. I lean towards Jennings because he can play the point. While he is a score-first point guard, he can set up his teammates as well. Ellis is a great scorer, but the other aspects of his game are severely lacking.

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No. 4: Sign David West

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David West would be a great free agent addition for the Bucks. His tough inside presence would be huge for the team. Also, he would be great mentor for the young big men in Milwaukee.

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No. 3: Sign O.J. Mayo

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O.J. Mayo would be a guy that could replace Ellis. He is not quite the elite scorer that Ellis is, but he will come cheaper and does other things well. Mayo is a solid defender and underrated distributor. He would be a welcome addition to the Bucks.

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No. 2: Resign J.J. Redick

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If they can get him at the right price, bringing Redick back to Milwaukee is a no-brainer. His three-point shooting is elite, and he is a solid distributor and defender. Redick also brings a nice veteran presence, and that is key for a young team like the Bucks.

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No. 1: Sign or Trade for Tyreke Evans

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Now this would be interesting. Tyreke Evans is a restricted free agent. So like Jennings and Milwaukee, the Sacramento Kings can match any offer that a team makes for Evans. That being said, with new ownership in Sacramento, it is believed that they want to start over and get rid of Evans and DeMarcus Cousins. They may have to give something in a trade, but I think the Bucks could acquire Evans, who would be a great addition to their backcourt.