NBA Announces Games in Both London and Mexico City

By Paul Seaver
Soobum Im-USA Today Sports

The NBA is expanding outside of the American borders and no, we’re not talking about the Toronto Raptors.

On Tuesday morning, the NBA announced that two games would be played in locations outside the league’s normal realm — one will be in London and the other will be in Mexico City.

As the NBA continues to expand its perimeters abroad, this is a great opportunity for the league to continue its connection in England, as  well as establish what could become a success just south of the border in Mexico. The two contests, which will both take place during the 2013-14 season, will mark the first time the NBA will have more than one game outside of either the United States or Canadian borders.

On Dec. 4, the San Antonio Spurs will head south, as will the Minnesota Timberwolves in an early, regular season showdown in Mexico City. A little over a month after that contest, the Brooklyn Nets will face the Atlanta Hawks on Jan. 16 in London. This will not be the first time that the Nets will play overseas, but it will mark a first for the Hawks in terms of this being a regular season contest. Atlanta played two preseason games in London back in 1993. In all, this will be the 12th game that London has hosted.

The NBA has continuously wanted to expand and broaden its horizons outside their normal borders and these established connections continue to represent that. The evolution is great to see.


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