2013 NBA Draft: Detroit Pistons Interested in Archie Goodwin For Second-Round Pick

By John Raffel
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Various reports from mock NBA drafts are suggesting that the Detroit Pistons might land in the second-round Thursday 18-year-old shooting guard Archie Goodwin from Kentucky, who had an impressive freshman season and whose presence in the Pistons lineup would allow Detroit to recover for the anticipated loss of various restricted free agents.

The focus on the first round has put the Pistons with several players and the second round involves more wild speculation. But the report on Goodwin makes sense since he’s been predicted to go early second round and he has some player qualities the Pistons will find very attractive. For Kentucky, he averaged 31.8 minutes, 14.1 points, 4.6 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.1. steals per game.

What scouts, like the Pistons, admire about him is that he has a long athletic wing and he’s able to hit the basket from anywhere on the floor. He also penetrates well and is good ball handler,

Right now, Goodwin is only 18 and will definitely need some guidance. But like Andre Drummond, last year’s first-round pick, Goodwin has a lot of untapped potential. If the Pistons select him, his best would be to come off the bench and give Brandon Knight some rest.

There is some concern on his ability to be a consistent contributor in light of his less-than-impressive shooting percentages. He’s obviously going to face better defenses in the NBA.

If Goodwin is available, the Pistons should select him. He’s too talented to ignore, even in the second round. Eventually, he can become a very good NBA ballplayer.

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