Chris Paul Needs To Return Favor To Los Angeles Clippers

By John Raffel
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Now it’s Chris Paul‘s turn.

Doc Rivers has done his part. He has left the Boston Celtics and signed with the Los Angeles Clippers, who now hope to ink Chris Paul to a five-year contract and get him away from receiving offers from other teams. Deep down, Paul wants to stay in Los Angeles, but he wants to make sure it’s worth it for him to stay.

The safe bet now is that Paul is happy at the hiring of Rivers as coach and will gladly ink a new deal. There’s no reason to leave the spotlight of Los Angeles with a franchise on solid ground and with a coach as successful as Rivers. Paul probably wouldn’t be able to find such happiness anywhere else.

That doesn’t mean the Clippers have locked up the next five straight NBA titles. Getting that first one is hard enough. Rivers will be involved in the decision making of personnel for the Clippers and that’s not a bad idea. Starting with the draft this week, L.A. has to secure as good of a supporting cast around Paul as possible.

This not a team that will be guaranteed an NBA title. More work needs to be done. Bringing in Rivers and re-signing Paul are steps in the right direction.

The Clippers can still win an NBA title within three years, but the hard work to get that accomplished has only just begun. It’s a long process, but it’s one that the Clippers, led by Rivers and Paul, can complete.

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