Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers: Battle of L.A. Continues

By Haz Bey
Doc Rivers
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Doc Rivers is making house calls at Staples Center from this point on as he has landed in the Los Angeles Clippers‘ lap by means of a transaction that allowed the Boston Celtics to release the head coach from the remaining three years of his contract for a 2015 first-round draft pick from the Clippers.

“Doc Hollywood” will be adding some much needed championship swagger to “Lob City”. He is arguably one of the top two coaches in the NBA today. The Clippers have made the most important transaction outside of landing Chris Paul via trade two seasons ago.

The Los Angeles Lakers see what is going on down the hall of Staples Center and have to be scratching their heads on what has transpired not just recently, but since commissioner David Stern and the league reversed a trade sending Paul to the Lakers right after the last league work stoppage.

The Lakers’ ship seems to be sinking constantly since then and are now in a position of hoping Dwight Howard does not walk away for nothing in return come July. Times have definitely changed and these are not your daddy’s Clippers anymore.

What else can go wrong for the Lakers? You would think a franchise that is as prestigious as the Lakers are would not be in such disarray with what direction the team is going, but with Clippers lately acquiring talent, depth and one of the league’s best coaches, we might be in the mist of the first true case of the Clippers truly taking control of Los Angeles. That is flat-out scary.

Kobe Bryant will not just sit there and allow this “changing of the guard” to continue without him making some noise about it first. I am sure he is in constant contact with Lakers’ management on what the team needs to improve for next season. Most of those conversations are about Howard re-signing and what they need to do to become a contender again.

Just imagine Bryant retiring in a few years to a city that is dominated by the Clippers. Seriously, it would be disastrous.

Re-signing Howard will go a long way to maintaining control of the city for the Lakers, but that does not mean the Clippers will not continue to get better. It is almost a guarantee that they will and not only will they do it with flash, but now the Clippers will do it with one of the best coaches in the world guiding them through it the rest of the way.

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