2013 NBA Draft: Mason Plumlee Could Wind Up In Indiana Pacers Uniform

By John Raffel
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

If Mason Plumlee of Duke is available in the 2013 NBA Draft when the Indiana Pacers choose at No. 23, don’t be surprised if the Pacers make him a member of their franchise.

Such a selection would fall under the category of picking the most talented player still left in the draft.

Plumlee definitely has plenty of talent he could provide to the Pacers at the power forward spot, especially with his height at 7-0. But with Roy Hibbert in the lineup, it would seem odd for the Pacers to add another tall post player to the roster.

Plumlee could also be in the lineup with Hibbert at the same time. If he is still available when it’s the Pacers’ turn to select, the possibility is that Indiana officials will make that pick, intrigued with having Plumlee available for a team that struggled with its bench in the playoffs.

It might take Plumlee time to adjust to the NBA level, but he definitely provides plenty of promise.

The scouts have plenty of good comments about Plumlee and especially like his shot blocking and rebounding abilities. He’s mobile and athletic for a big man and has a good energy base. When it comes to catch and finish and pick and roll, Plumlee also scores high among the scouts.

The scouts also consider Plumlee to have good scoring abilities for a big man with 59.9 percent from the floor and 68.2 percent in free throws. He also scored 19 points in a battle against Alex Len, who is expected to be drafted in the top five.

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