2013 NBA Draft: Orlando Magic's Attention Focusing On Victor Oladipo at No. 2

By John Raffel
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Victor Oladipo‘s stock has been rising in the 2013 NBA Draft. Is it possible he could sneak in as the No. 2 pick?

Some draft observers suddenly consider Alex  Len as perhaps a No. 2 pick with Oladipo as No. 3. The thought is that the Orlando Magic, wanting a perimeter guard, will now give Oladipo a closer look compared to Ben McLemore.

What might be making Oladipo more attractive than McLemore is that Victor’s ability to be an effective perimeter defender surpasses that of McLemore’s. NBA scouting reports have pointed out that Oladipo has been able to perform with excellent intensity on defense all over the floor and is a pesky defender for getting his hands on the ball. The Magic realize that with a 20-62 record, their top problem was horrible defense last season. They gave up way too many points, so trying to get someone who can put more points on the scoreboard isn’t necessarily going to get the job done. They have to find someone who can prevent the other team from scoring.

That’s why the Magic are starting to consider Oladipo over McLemore. It’s not out of the question that they could pick McLemore who has long been considered their preferred choice to help restore Orlando’s perimeter game. Oladipo can also help Orlando be stronger on the perimeter, but his skills apply to both offense and defense.

It’s probably going to one of those two in the draft for Orlando. Look for Oladipo to possibly have his name called by the Magic as the No. 2 pick.

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