Chicago Bulls Rumors: LaMarcus Aldridge to Become a Bull?

By Brian Neal
LaMarcus Aldridge Portland Trailblazers
Steve Dykes – USA TODAY Sports

Word on the street is that LaMarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trailblazers — who was originally drafted and then immediately traded by the Chicago Bulls — wants to play in Chicago, and he is reportedly on the block.

Is this a move the Bulls should make? Yes, absolutely, and only Derrick Rose should be untouchable.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as Chicago has made it clear that two players, not just Rose, are untouchable. And, of course, the Trailblazers, as reported by Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald, want the other player — Joakim Noah.

If this is true and the Bulls really won’t budge on moving Noah for Aldridge at any point of negotiations before draft night, then they must be completely blind. Don’t get me wrong, as a Bulls fan, I’m a huge supporter of Noah and very much enjoy watching the energy he brings. But L.A. is one of the best scoring big men in the league and would be fantastic with Rose as he can finish around the rim, as well as provide a solid mid-range game.

Aldridge isn’t quite the defensive presence that Noah is, but he’s still an solid rebounder, and again, immensely more efficient from an offensive standpoint. Not to mention he doesn’t have a severe case of plantar fasciitis, which will likely continue to hamper Noah the rest of his career.

The Bulls want to give Luol Deng and picks for Aldridge, which wouldn’t really be an unfair trade, but it probably ins’t the most enticing opportunity for Portland if they’re going to trade a player the caliber of L.A.

There are three-way trade scenarios that could potentially work in this situation, but so far, not much light has been shed on any probable deals of that nature.

Anyway, the Bulls need to find a way to acquire Aldridge and not let this opportunity slip. If they have to trade Noah, okay. If they trade Deng, sounds good. L.A. is too good of a player to pass up, and building around him and Rose would the best thing the Bulls can do at this point in time.

Brian Neal is an intern at Rant Sports and senior at Lewis University. Follow him on Twitter @brianneal23 and “Like” him on Facebook.

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