If Dwight Howard Wants To Leave The Los Angeles Lakers, Let Him Go

By Kaylyn Neely
dwight howard
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard might not re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, in all likelihood, Howard will suit up with the Houston Rockets next season. Howard says he will put his happiness first, and to him, happiness doesn’t seem to mean the extra $30 million dollars that the Lakers can offer him because they have his Bird Rights.

Howard is the best in the league at what he does. Pulling up his stats from this season does not do him any justice. Since 2004, Howard has proved himself to be an elite center when he isn’t injured.

Someone, throw out your best guess who, has posted billboards throughout Los Angeles begging Howard to stay in Lakers town. Adorable? Maybe. Tampering? Absolutely.

Everyone knows that Howard never really wanted to land in Los Angeles. It was the end of the summer and he was out of options. Everyone knew he was coming off of back surgery and that he would want to see what free agency was about after the end of the season, which at that point, no one was really sure he if he would see the court in. The Lakers had a vision of what a season with Kobe BryantSteve Nash and Pau Gasol would look like. Dwight Howard was a bonus to a seemingly “lose-proof roster.” He also was great for promotions and to sell tickets. He was the final piece of the prize. Remember, before witnessing the horrible Lakers season, everyone thought like this. And so, to Howard, the Los Angeles were a chance to win a championship. After all, they had the only roster in the league that looked like they could challenge the Miami Heat.

To Howard, the Los Angeles wasn’t Brooklyn, but it was better than Orlando.

At the end of the day, that was what brought Howard and Los Angeles together.

Vince Carter is the classic case of what happens when a player doesn’t really want to play in the city he is contracted to, a big disappointment for both sides. If Howard hasn’t found more than that with the Lakers after a season playing with them, then they should let him walk.

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