What Do We Do Now About The Miami Heat?

By Jared Doyle
Pat Riley
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

Now that the Miami Heat have won back-to-back titles, the offseason offers limited options in terms of revamping this title contending squad. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for Heat president Pat Riley.

I like our team,” Riley said to ESPN.com. “We don’t like change. There are times that it’s necessary to change, but we don’t feel like it’s necessary.”

 By making it to the NBA Finals the past three seasons, this team has solidified that it doesn’t need any significant changes. During this year’s NBA Finals, when the Heat were down 2-1, and 3-2 to the San Antonio Spurs, media and NBA fans across the country cried out for the Heat to blow up there entire Big Three and start the process all over.

How is a team expected to become a dynasty without a few bumps and bruises along the way?

It could have been a completely different story had the Heat lost to the Spurs in that decisive Game 6. We would most likely be talking about how one of the Big Three needs to be traded or where LeBron James might end up next after he declines his contract option. Good thing the Heat were able to escape all this with a dagger corner three from Ray Allen and save their season.

With the luxury tax being so punitive next season for the Heat, there are already talks of certain players, such as Mike Miller, being amnestied to save this team some salary cap space. This could potentially work for them considering the amount of 3-point shooters this team has on the roster. Other than the amnesty that the Heat could use, this squad should stay intact in order to have a shot at a three-peat.

Even James would be content with keeping this roster in order to have another run at a title.

“My mindset is at a point where there is no relief,” James said according to ESPN and the Associated Press. “I love the burden. I love what I have to do for this team to win. If it happens and we get someone who relieves something from me as far as a big or a wing guy or something, then it’d be good for our team. But I’m not going up to those guys or approaching this summer saying `I need help.'”

“I’m coming back saying if we come back with this roster, we’re going to compete for a championship.”

A lot could be on the line this summer for the Heat organization if they aren’t able to hold on to some key players like Allen, Chris Andersen, or Shane Battier. It will be up to Heat owner Mickey Arison and how much he is willing to invest in this back-to-back championship roster.


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