2013 NBA Draft: Portland Trail Blazers Waste Their No. 45 Pick On Marko Todorovic

By John Raffel

The 45th pick that the Portland Trail Blazers had was pretty much wasted on power forward Marko Todorovic of Montenegro.

He basically is considered the type of player that NBA teams draft with the intent of leaving in Europe and perhaps bringing over some time down the road

Todorovic isn’t expected to come right away and might never come and play. Portland, if the need for him ever comes up to fill a role spot, might take him up to the team to fill a spot at power forward.

This was an illustration for the Blazers that they had too many picks and, with more than enough young players on their roster, they didn’t know what their needs were.

Trail Blazer coach Terry Stotts and his staff might have seen something in Todorovic that might come in handy for them on a rainy day.

For now, it’s not a very intelligent pick and is a waste in some respects. The Blazers should have dealt this pick away for another pick next season. It’s obvious that Todorovic will probably never come to the NBA.

With C.J. McCollum, Jeff Withey and Grant Jerrett, the Trail Blazers got what they need to bolster their roster and try to get into the NBA playoffs next season.

There’s certainly plenty of talent, young and old the Malone can work with next season. Marko Todorovic isn’t likely to be one of those players, but if Malone saw something other people didn’t see, the 45th pick of this year’s draft could be pleasant surprise in the future.

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