Brooklyn Nets Look To Become Championship Roster With Looming Trade For Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

By Dave Daniels
Jason Kidd

This trade cannot become official until July 10th, but it appears that all parties involved are on board. Kevin Garnett has decided to waive his no trade clause and it appears as though both he and Paul Pierce will be playing a short bus ride away from Boston in Brooklyn, NY.

It is kind of a bummer that Doc Rivers stabbed Garnett in the back and blocked Garnett’s way from being on the same team as Chris Paul; this is a basketball crime and I won’t soon forgive Rivers for that.

The Brooklyn Nets have made a few big splashes this offseason, but my experience covering basketball is that sometimes the flashiest moves are not always the right moves. The Nets gave up a draft pick in the 2014 draft for this trade, which is more loaded than any draft I can remember since 2003. This may end end up not going well for the Nets in the long run. They may have just cost themselves a solid foundation player in next year’s draft such as Andrew Harrison or Aaron Gordon just to rent the last one to two years of whatever Garnett and Pierce have in the tank. The bottom line is that the Nets still can’t win the East barring a truly magical coaching season from Jason Kidd. Don’t count out Kidd yet though; he’s a future Hall of Famer.

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