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Top 5 Reasons Why Jason Kidd Will Keep Brooklyn Nets From Winning NBA Title

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Top 5 Reasons Why Jason Kidd Will Ruin Brooklyn Nets

Ruin Brooklyn Nets

With the entire state of New York ecstatic about Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce coming to town, it's time to halt all of the insane expectations prevalent in the City That Never Sleeps. I would understand the optimism surrounding the Brooklyn Nets if they hired an actual head coach this offseason. Instead, the Nets will turn to Jason Kidd, who has never been a coach at any level.

Being a rookie coach in the NBA isn't as easy as everyone makes it sound. You can't realistically expect Kidd to take the reins of this Nets team and instantly propel them toward an NBA title. At 40 years old, Kidd will run into a lot of problems in Brooklyn and I wouldn't be surprised if he is looking for work this time next year.

The belief that Kidd is magically going to transcend a team that couldn't even beat the lowly Chicago Bulls last season is rather far-fetched. Sure, the hope is that the 10-time All-Star can bring his wise style of play to the bench, but the revamped expectations in Brooklyn are going to doom the first-year head coach.

Nets fans haven't had much to be excited about in the last decade, so I understand the hype surrounding the 2013-14 squad. However, the "Jason Kidd experiment" will only end with Brooklyn having egg on its face.

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No. 5: Brooklyn Nets Fans Want Wins, Won't Be Patient

Nets Fans
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With the KG and Pierce trade, the immediate expectation is that the Nets will perform from the get-go. However, the NBA doesn't exactly work that way. Teams are molded and take time to mature -- even great teams like the Miami Heat didn't materialize overnight. With that being said, the three first-round picks that the Nets surrendered to Boston are an obvious sign that Brooklyn is all in; this also means that Kidd and the Nets will be pressured from the jump.

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No. 4: Brooklyn Nets Lack Bench Depth

bench depth
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Nearly all of the Nets' role players from 2012-13 are with the Celtics. Ideal bench guys like Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace are out of town which leaves journeymen like Reggie Evans and undrafted rookies like Mirza Teletovic to shoulder a bigger load. Without quality bench players, Kidd will be unable to keep an effective rotation. Instead, the Nets will be forced to either play their starters more or get trounced by playing their awful reserves. Unless Jason Terry is planning on jumping in a fountain of youth somewhere, Brooklyn's bench will be dreadful in the upcoming seasons.

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No. 3: Kidd Won't Earn Respect Of Savvy Veterans

Veterans don't like Kidd
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Kidd is one of youngest coaches in the league at just 40 years old, yet he will be coaching one of the oldest starting lineups in league history. A veteran core of Joe JohnsonDeron Williams, Garnett and Pierce has no interest listening to a guy who has never coached a single game in the NBA. Respect is huge for players and once this group finds out that Kidd isn't qualified, the Nets' head coach will have no control over his team.

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No. 2: Brooklyn Nets Have Quick Trigger With Head Coaches

Brooklyn Nets Won't keep Kidd

Brooklyn has proved time and time again that it's not a place that likes to bind itself to a head coach. For instance, this organization has ran through three different coaches in less than one year. Do you remember how upset NBA fans were when the Nets axed Avery Johnson just 28 games into the 2012-13 season? Yes -- the Nets have a quick trigger when it comes to head coaches and this is the last thing that Kidd needs. Looking over his shoulder after a bad start, Kidd will never be able to settle in and enjoy his perch on the sideline.

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No. 1: Kidd Has No Idea How To Manage Team's Veterans

veteran's minutes managed by Kidd

Keeping the last slide in mind, Kidd knows he must perform as soon as possible, so he's not taking any risks by playing guys like Evans or Teletovic in place of the starters. Pushing guys like Pierce, Garnett and Johnson to the limit in a meaningless regular season game does nothing but hurt the team. However, Kidd is going to throw his veterans to the wolves and it will only result in tired legs and further injury. This doesn't exclude Brook Lopez, either -- the Nets' center missed nearly all of the 2011-12 season and has battled injuries since his career began. For now, everyone in New York is up in arms about their revamped team, but Coach Kidd is going to drive the Nets right into the ground.