Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins Working Hard to be Difference Maker

By Michael Terrill
Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins Working Hard to be Difference Maker
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins was a huge disappointment during the 2012-13 NBA regular season and postseason. The media ripped him a new one at the conclusion of the Thunder’s season, and even Perkins knew that he had screwed up. The good news is Perkins has been working hard this summer to be a difference maker in 2013-14.

The nine-year player was completely non-existent in the playoffs and he never truly played up to his ability during the regular season. He averaged 4.2 points, 6.0 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.1 blocks and 25.1 minutes per game during the regular season. He also converted 45.7 percent of his shots from the field.  His numbers diminished drastically in the postseason in which he averaged 2.2 points and 3.7 rebounds in 19.1 minutes per game. He only managed to make 26.3 percent of his 3.5 shot attempts per game.

Perkins has decided to use his terrible performance as a motivational tool to not only get better, but to help the young players on the roster reach new heights.

“I come in and I motivate them and they motivate me,” Perkins said, according to NBA.com. “If you see one guy going hard, that makes you go hard. Maybe if another guy doesn’t feel like coming in and he sees me working hard, he’ll work hard. It’s a give and take.”

There is no question the organization expects big things from the veteran, especially since he is expected to make $18.5 million over the next two years.

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