Charlotte Bobcats Invite Former Syracuse Guard Brandon Triche to Summer League

By Cody Williams
Brandon Triche Charlotte Bobcats
Debby Wong – USA Today Sports Images

As the 2013 NBA Draft dragged on into the second round and teams tried to find value late, former Syracuse guard Brandon Triche sat at home waiting for his name to be called. That moment never came for Triche, though, as he went undrafted and had to go looking for opportunities as an undrafted free agent.

The Charlotte Bobcats are the team that has given Triche the opportunity he was looking for. According to a report from Brian Sandler of Your News Now in Central New York, Triche received an invite to play with the Bobcats as part of their Summer League team in Las Vegas beginning July 12.

Triche is looked at as a combo guard. If he were to make the roster for the Bobcats, he would likely be used more as a two-guard considering that Kemba Walker and Ramon Sessions take up the vast majority of the minutes at point guard. That means he would be competing with guys like Ben Gordon and possibly Gerald Henderson, if he returns, for minutes.

The fact that Triche would likely be used as a shooting guard is something that doesn’t work in his favor. Prior to the draft, Triche measured at just 6-foot-2.5 without shoes on, meaning he’s undersized for the position. Triche can make up for that slightly, though, with a strong 215-pound frame that allows him to make up for a little lack of height, even if he isn’t a great athlete.

It’s quite hard to imagine a scenario where Triche ends up on the Bobcats roster for next season, though. If there’s one thing the Bobcats could use from undrafted free agent guards, it’s guys that can shoot the deep ball. Over his last two seasons with the Orange, Triche hit just 91 of his 290 attempts from long range. That’s not a promising sign for his shooting ability.

Triche could potentially come out in Summer League and wow everyone, but that seems like the least likely scenario in this situation. It’s nice to see a four-year guy in college get an opportunity to prove himself, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a fit between Charlotte and Triche.

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