Dwight Howard Would be a Nightmare for Dallas Mavericks

By Jeric Griffin
Dwight Howard mavericks
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA title a couple of years ago, Big D has been through some rough sports years. Of course, the Texas Rangers‘ back-to-back World Series trips can be viewed as a good thing, but their failure to win either one still plagues the stomachs of DFW sports fans. The Mavericks have suffered through two straight losing seasons since getting bounced in the first round during their title defense and Heaven knows the Dallas Cowboys aren’t impressing anyone. But the folks in Chicken Fried Nation believe Dwight Howard is going to fix that. Put simply: they’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Did everyone in Texas north of Waco just forget what an absolute nightmare the Los Angeles Lakers went through in Howard’s first season in Hollywood? The man is an absolute cancer to any organization in all aspects: coach, front office, teammates, locker room, media and team.

The Mavericks have only one positive: Dirk Nowitzki. That’s it. And the team is back to where it was before its first title — everyone is saying, “Dirk can’t do it alone,” and they’re right.

However, Howard is not the help that Nowitzki needs. In fact, he’s the last thing Dirk needs.

Sure, the Mavs need talent around Nowitzki, especially in the paint and especially on the defensive end. Howard can provide both, but he’s just like another Texas-sized headache of which DFW just ridded itself: Josh Hamilton. Both players have incredible upside considering their past performances, but neither is worth the headache they bring to any locker room or clubhouse. But for some reason, the Mavs are failing to see that.

Howard is the biggest bawl bag in the NBA, and that’s saying something when considering the LeBron Jameses and Kobe Bryants of the league. But it’s true — nothing is ever good enough for him and he complains and manipulates his way through life, which will never bring his team a championship, especially if he’s the foundation of that team.

Dirk is to the point now that he needs someone else to be option 1-A so he can be the best option 1-B in the game. Howard is simply not capable of being that for the Mavs because he lacks the mental capacity and maturity required for such a task.

Trust me, the Mavs will be better off playing the 2013-14 NBA season with a bunch of misfits again than they would paying Howard a truckload of money to give everyone a constant headache. Don’t do it, Dallas. Don’t do it.

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