Michael Carter-Williams: Future Point Guard For Philadelphia 76ers

By Ryan Wenzell
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

Michael Carter-Williams, or “MCW” as they call him, with the trade of Jrue Holiday, will now man the all important point guard position for the Philadelphia 76ers. Carter-Williams has a bevy of skills which include ball handling, court vision — where he has the unique ability to see over virtually any point guard with his 6-foot-7 frame — and the ability to penetrate in the lane and create his own shot.

One thing the young man has to work on to be an effective point guard in the NBA, however, is his jump shot. It is not broken by any means, as he shows good mechanics and form, but he just has to work on being more consistent with it and adding arch onto his jumper. Carter-Williams has been compared favorably to Rajon Rondo as a guy who can make plays for others seemingly at will on the court and penetrate but whose jumper has not come yet.

This is a lofty comparison which will have to be played out in time, but I believe Carter-Williams can still develop a smooth stroke. At Syracuse, he showed he was capable of making big-time clutch shots, and his teammates often relied on him to make the play that would win them the game. I believe this pressure and his ability to thrive in those type of situations will serve him well in the league.

Carter-Williams has been handed the keys to the car. New 76ers GM Sam Hinkie has gushed about his ability as an athlete and playmaker at the crucial point guard position. He is now playing with best friend and AAU partner Nerlens Noel on a young team that has a chance to grow with a new direction and two more lottery picks coming in the stacked 2014 NBA Draft.

76ers fans are sad to see Holiday go. He was a bright young star; those are a rare commodity in the NBA. Carter-Williams, though, is a hungry young kid with a grade A work ethic. If the Sixers surround him with enough pieces and let him go through some natural growing pains, he could emerge as the next superstar point guard for a city and franchise starving for one.

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