Los Angeles Lakers: Can Kobe Bryant Help Re-Sign Dwight Howard?

By Kaylyn Neely
Dwight Howard Kobe Bryant
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ #StayD12 campaign, launched with the intention of retaining Dwight Howard has turned into a sad joke after the Lakers released a photoshopped picture of the Beverly Hills Hotel, painted with Howard’s jersey. The Lakers just might soon be Howard’s crazy ex-girlfriend. This plea turned out to be kind of pathetic rather than progressive the chances of Howard re-signing, and so, according to Yahoo! Sports, the Lakers will enlist Kobe Bryant to help them in the next phase of the campaign … Because, if last season taught us anything, it’s that Kobe is Howard’s favorite person.

On Sunday night, D12 will reportedly meet with the Houston Rockets, the overwhelming favorites to win Dwightmare Part 2. On Tuesday, the Lakers will have a chance to make their pitch to Howard before he makes a final decision.

The Lakers will be the final team to speak to Howard. If he hears several great pitches, and then, is met by Bryant and Mike D’Antoni, chances are, that he will be reminded of last season. This is a great thing for every team that hopes to land Howard except the Lakers.

Having Bryant join in the pitch will be a clear indication to Howard who is in charge in Los Angeles. It will show him that he isn’t, and won’t be, the Lakers franchise player for some time. If Howard signs with the Rockets, he gets to be Batman. If he signs with the Lakers, he’s going to be Robin until Batman retires.

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