Andrew Bynum is Biggest Risk in Free Agency, Yet Someone Will Take a Chance

By Paul Seaver
Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

NBA fans are well aware of who the top targeted center is on the free agent market this summer — that title belongs to the one and only, Dwight Howard.

However, sitting behind him as a “Plan B” for many NBA organizations is the man who was replaced in Los Angeles by Howard last summer — Andrew Bynum. After a year with the Philadelphia 76ers, or lack thereof we should say, Bynum is looking for a max contract, but he has done absolutely nothing to prove that he deserves one.

Bynum was plagued by injuries and in fact, he never suited up once for Philadelphia. Now, over a year removed from his last game in an NBA uniform, Bynum is looking for big-time money. Oh, and he has decided that he will not work out for any teams in the process of landing such a lucrative contract.

Talk about a risk. It’s simple, there is no bigger stretch than Bynum in this year’s free agent market. You can even throw Greg Oden in the mix, Bynum is even more risky than a former No. 1 overall pick who has only played in 82 career games. Why? Simply because of the money that he has demanding.

Somebody will take a chance on Bynum, and more than likely he will be targeted by the organizations that fail to land to Howard. Somebody will pay him the max contract he wants without seeing him work out — you just know that it’s coming.

He’s young, he has potential, and his career is still on the upswing. Is that worth that risk though? Only time will tell.


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