Brooklyn Nets: Seth Curry Worth Bringing In for a Look

By Christopher Gamble
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


The Brooklyn Nets still have to wait eight days to announce their deal with the Boston Celtics that will bring Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to Brooklyn. However, the Nets are already feeling the financial constraints that will be placed on them by adding the new salaries which could impact how the Nets construct their bench. The Nets are most likely using their mid-level exception on free agent Kyle Korver, leaving them with even less money to play with. There is, however, an option out there that can be had for the league minimum, guard Seth Curry.

Curry, the younger brother of Golden State Warriors All-Star Steph Curry and son of former NBA player Dell Curry, went undrafted last week despite a nice career at Duke. Curry averaged 17.5 points for Duke last season and drained over 43 percent of his three-point attempts. He did all that while playing with a stress fracture in his right shin.

Even if the Nets officially sign Korver they could still use Curry off the bench where he can play a little point or be a consistent threat from beyond the arc at the two. Yes, his size isn’t ideal at 6-foot-3 but he is the same size as his brother who hasn’t had much trouble finding success in the NBA. While Seth is the same height as Steph it doesn’t mean he is like his more famous brother. Instead, Seth is more like another Duke alum, J.J. Reddick, who was a star in college but his only real contribution to an NBA roster is as a threat from beyond the arc.

Curry is a poor man’s Reddick but someone who could make a major contribution to a team like the Nets where he can just come off the bench and score. His overall game could also benefit from the tutelage of one of the best all-around point guards in NBA history, Jason Kidd, who might be able to round out Curry’s game.

Will Seth Curry ever be a star at the next level? Probably not. He could, however, follow in the footsteps of Reddick and become a nice bench player. Curry is a no-risk, potentially high-reward player who will work hard and will be able to contribute at the next level. Now, another Duke alum, Nets GM Billy King, needs to make the decision.

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