Dwight Howard's Recruiting Process Suggests His True Nature

By Kris Hughes

Just like your average high school junior who is impressed by flashiness and bright colors, Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard loves the attention the recruiting process has given him as one of the NBA‘s premier free agents this summer.

It’s become obvious the big guy loves the attention playing in the NBA — and being highly sought-after — provides him, especially in a situation where he is the center of attention.

Pardon the pun.

As Los Angeles lavishes him with billboards begging him to stay, a la Cleveland during the LeBron James saga, and executives around the league shower him with free dinners and their local rap stars, some around the league believe such activities are by design.

In fact, it appears NBA execs are starting to corroborate this notion to sources that matter:



After all, isn’t this in line with Dwight Howard’s true nature?

The big kid who’ll give a 100% effort when it’s convenient for him.

The unbelievable talent whose 90% is better than most big guys at 100%.

The giant child whose lack of understanding of his own ability is baffling at best, and frustrating to those he is surrounded with, at worst?

Word has it now, as well, that Howard has expressed a desire to have his own Big Three with the Houston Rockets, suggesting that the team’s ability to add another max contract player (in theory) to the mix along with he and James Harden would increase the chance he’ll make his way to the Lone Star State.

Anyone familiar with the Dwightmare– as he is not-so-lovingly being labeled–understands these types of demands are nothing new. He became the de facto General Manager while with the Orlando Magic, running the team from behind the curtain and telling the franchise just what would happen if they wanted to retain his services.

The long and short is, none of us should be surprised that Dwight Howard is impressed by the bling in his attempt to search for a ring.

Why not go all out, Houston, Dallas, and the rest?

Pull out all the stops. Bring on the jets. Bring on the Ciroc.

Isn’t D12 worth it?

Well, is he?

Kris Hughes is a Senior Writer for Rant Sports. You can follow Kris on TwitterGoogle and Facebook


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