Los Angeles Lakers Are a Mess; Dwight Howard Would Be Wise to Look Elsewhere

By Paul Seaver

We have reached the month of July and the free agent period is underway across the NBA. That means the Dwight Howard rumors are swirling.

Howard is virtually down to five organizations and by the end of the day on Tuesday, he will have met with all of them and heard each of their recruiting pitches and have seen what each of them have to offer the market’s top free agent. After one season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Howard is on the open market, but a return is not out of the question.

At this juncture however, Howard may be considering Los Angeles, but when all is said and done, he’s probably best suited elsewhere — packing his bags and picking up his career in a new location with a fresh start. It’s not just about Howard being “unable” to handle the spotlight, but the experiment with the 7-footer this past season can’t exactly be labeled as successful.

In fact, the Lakers are a bit of a mess in all. Kobe Bryant will be returning, fresh off a torn Achilles tendon. Steve Nash is another year older. Metta World Peace, whether you like it or not, decided to opt back in and return to the Lakers’ lineup next season. Oh, and throw in an unhappy Pau Gasol, who has continuously been linked to trade rumors.

Now, none of this is a jab at the Lakers. With Howard back in the fold, this team could potentially compete for a championship — fans have learned over and over again to never doubt a squad that is lead by Kobe Bryant. However, we are talking about Dwight’s perspective, both short and long term.

Is he the future in Los Angeles? How is he going to react with things down the line? There’s a million questions and a lot of baggage already linked between him and Los Angeles.

Howard needs a fresh start, plain and simple.


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