Washington Wizards: Eric Maynor Could Have Calming Effect on John Wall

By Marcel Davis
Eric Maynor
Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Seeing how the John Wall-less Washington Wizards resembled the woeful Charlotte Bobcats at the outset last season, finding a quality backup point guard has to be a top priority in free agency.

While free agency doesn’t technically begin until July 10, it appears Washington has got the right man for the job, Eric Maynor. Via his Twitter account, Maynor announced that he would we be donning a Wizards uniform next fall.

Maynor brings a much-needed steady hand to Washington’s backcourt. While Maynor struggled last season with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers, he was still finding his footing after tearing his ACL the previous season. As more time elapses since his surgery, Maynor is likely to resemble the player who found his niche as Mr. Reliable with the Thunder.

Ironically enough, the situation he walks into with Washington is eerily similar to the one he thrived in with Oklahoma City. The methodical Maynor will again backup a point guard who has a penchant for playing fast.

While Wall, like Russell Westbrook, relies on his top-flight athleticism to cause havoc on opposing defenses, he has his moments where he is simply out of control.

Enter Maynor. He can steadily run the half-court offense while Wizards head coach Randy Wittman settles down his budding star. This was a tactic Thunder head coach Scott Brooks employed with Westbrook, in the NBA Playoffs no less.

With physically talented players, such as these two, there is the feeling that there isn’t a player they can’t blow by or jump over. It’s in moments like these that they forget about their teammates and attempt to take the game over. All while forgetting that their role as point guards is to make the players around them better. In seeing Maynor run the offense properly and under control, a calming effect can resonate with them

Ask Westbrook and he’d be sure to tell you that Maynor’s presence made him a better player, a better point guard and a better teammate. Maynor could have the same effect on Wall, all while being valuable insurance in the event he is sidelined.

With a healthy Maynor, perhaps the Thunder won’t watch their supremely efficient offense fall to pieces without Westbrook. And perhaps the Wizards aren’t rolling out the gates with a 3-23 record with Wall sidelined

While he may be a backup, Maynor can have a large impact on Washington next season and the seasons to come.

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