Denver Nuggets Expect Larger Role for Evan Fournier

By Rob Lunder
Evan Fournier, Denver Nuggets
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets have had a successful run of developing talent, and one guy they figure will continue that trend is second year player Evan Fournier. He was a rookie last season out of France and it took him some time to really get going. The team acquired Andre Igoudala last offseason so there was no immediate need to throw Fournier into the fire.

Fast forward to now and the tables have been reversed. There is a decent chance Igoudala will be allowed to leave as a free agent, and Fournier could help fill his role if the Nuggets look to improve from within. There is always a chance they could look outside the organization, but if they stay in house Fournier and Wilson Chandler should see a steady rise in playing time next season.

Fournier is a really nice prospect moving forward. He is an excellent jump shooter and is also very athletic for his position. He needs to get much stronger. He is rail thin and had trouble at times last season guarding stronger players. He is not yet ready to guard the likes of Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson, much stronger and physical players at the shooting guard position. Those guys know how to throw their weight around which is something Fournier is not yet able to do. Fournier will also be counted on to carry a heavier scoring load next season. The Nuggets will need offense, and he is certainly capable of holding his own on the offensive end of the floor.

Fournier is an intriguing prospect, and he figures to see an increase in playing time next season.


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