Derrick Rose Speaks: Being a Father, Double Teams Held Chicago Bulls' Star Back

By Devin O'Barr

Sporting a gray tee-shirt with his hometown of Englewood, Illinois across the front, Derrick Rose finally sat down and explained his decision to miss the entire 2012-13 NBA season. With the same hardened look that the Chicago Bulls‘ faithful have grown to love, No. 1 conducted his version of a press conference and informed the casual just how difficult it has been for him to rehabilitate from a torn ACL.

If there’s just one thing to take from this interview it’s that Rose really banks on being healthy for the rest of his career.

Rose was very sentimental when talking about the feeling of a having a non-cooperative left knee. You have to understand that as a superstar, it was foreign for the 2011-12 NBA MVP to not be in tip-top shape at any time this season. However, it sounds like Rose has devoted himself to an even healthier lifestyle — to be fair, No. 1 never led a Mike Beasley-type life, yet the point-guard still has some room to improve when it comes to body awareness.

At one point, I asked myself if this new-found regard for his body meant that Rose would transform his game towards a more game-manager style of play, rather than stick to what made him famous — his mind-numbing and unheard-of explosiveness. Moving forward, the Bulls’ leader also addressed what irked me the most throughout the whole process, which was the reports that despite not playing in actual games, Rose dominated in team practices and scrimmages.

What was the answer we’ve all been waiting for? Double teams.

Apparently the double teams that he was bound to face in the regular season games were not simulated in practice, therefore making the transition far too difficult. This is a classic example of Rose and the Bulls fabricating yet another lie to save their rear ends — unbelievably predictable.

Of course, Derrick Rose Jr. also made his way into the conversation.

Not yet one year old, Derrick’s son was also partially blamed for Rose not returning to action. Fatherhood means a lot to Rose considering the three-time NBA All-Star grew up without a Dad. All in all, I was elated to see Rose take the bull by the horns and have this long-awaited interview after all. Now, millions of fans like myself feel like they are no longer in the dark and have a beat on why exactly the face of the Bulls’ franchise skipped out on a magical season.

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