The Golden State Warriors, Like the Rest of the NBA, are Better Off Without Dwight Howard

By Ryan Heckman

For some ungodly reason, the Golden State Warriors are after free agent center Dwight Howard this summer. They don’t have the necessary cap room, you say? You’re right, they don’t.

So how do they plan on signing him?

Well, there hasn’t been any official names dropped due to the team wanting to keep their core intact until Howard potentially agrees, but they will have to move some players around to do so.

Why on earth would they sacrifice everything they have going for themselves to go after a selfish, lazy, whining, attention-hogging and mentally weak phony?

Isn’t the guy on his 17th ‘baby-mama’ or something like that? After coming out of high school praising the name of Jesus, claiming to be a pure-hearted, God-fearing man he has showed us all who he really is.

I don’t understand it at all. Mark Jackson has a good thing going there. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes are all great young players that know how to function as a team — one thing, among many, Howard has no idea how to do.

With all of Howard’s antics over the past couple of years, it amazes me that teams think he can magically transform back into what he was with the Orlando Magic several years ago. I don’t even know what this guy truly cares about other than himself.

Does he care most about the money? Does he care most about winning a championship? Or, does he care most about the spotlight never leaving his name?

Maybe Mark Cuban doesn’t care. He is, after all, a genius billionaire. Maybe he has the tools and wherewithal to transform Howard back into a normal state of mind. As for the Houston Rockets? I don’t know what they think they’re getting in Howard. I guess the beard of James Harden could potentially woo the big man back to earth.

If I am a Warriors fan, I want nothing to do with this fake. I don’t want a distraction in my team’s locker room. I don’t want the deserved attention going from guys like Curry and Thompson to Howard and all of his self-entitled mantra.

The Warriors have a great thing going right now, and Howard would come in and screw all of it up. Stay away from Golden State, Superman. Take your ego elsewhere.

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