Detroit Pistons Would Strike It Rich By Acquiring Rudy Gay

By John Raffel
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons are doing all that they can to add some special talent to the team.

Reports coming out of Detroit indicate that the Pistons are trying to get Rudy Gay from the Toronto Raptors. The Pistons have offered guard Rodney Stuckey and forward Charlie Villanueva.

But right now, it doesn’t appear the Raptors want to make this NBA deal.

Such a trade would favor the Pistons from two standpoints. First of all, they shed themselves of two players with expiring contracts while Gay has two years left on his current pact.

Stuckey and Villanueva have both been erratic performers in recent seasons while Gay could provide more stability in the Detroit lineup.

He averaged 18.2 points, 6.1 rebounds and 2.7 assists a game.

If the Pistons are going to get back into NBA-title contention, they need players that deliver every day, like Gay. They don’t need players collecting millions of dollars like Stuckey and Villanueva who will score 24 points one day and two points the next. Steady production from as many players on the court as possible is critical.

Stuckey has not been a favorite for past Pistons coaches. Villanueva has not exactly been a pain in the coaches’ side but Piston fans still resent the fat five-year contract he signed with the team in 2009. He’s making more than $8 million this year and only Villanueva thinks he’s worth it.

The Pistons may have to throw in a first-round draft choice to pry Gay away from the Raptors. Gay would be worth it. But it won’t be easy making this deal.

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