Dwight Howard Rumors: Free Agent Now Leaning Toward Los Angeles Lakers?

By Joshua Casey
Dwight Howard
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While the whole NBA world awaits for the decision of Dwight Howard, numerous amounts of people are trying to get inside the mind of the highly-coveted free agent center.

Yesterday Chris Palmer of ESPN tweeted out this:


While nobody truly knows what Howard is thinking, it does provide a ray of hope for all of the Los Angeles Lakers fans out there, especially after so many media outlets have been reporting that Howard is leaning toward signing with the Houston Rockets. When Palmer was later asked how confident he was of the source by a follower on Twitter he replied, “Very Confident.”

Although it is not much and can only be taken at face value, Lakers fans will take anything positive at this point. Whether Palmer is right or not will remain to be seen, and according to members of the media we could have a decision by Friday.

It had been reported that Howard did not want to drag this whole thing out longer than the two years he already has, and it seems he will stick to that.

While choosing the Rockets may be the smart decision for the upcoming season, I’m not sure the same can be said for the following seasons thereafter. The Lakers, following the 2013-2014 season, will have everyone off the books except Steve Nash and Howard, assuming they re-sign Howard.

If Kobe Bryant decides to return, he would obviously need to take a pay cut, and the Lakers would still be left with a vast amount of financial flexibility.

It would allow them the opportunity to aggressively go after the most prized free-agent in 2014, should he hit the market: LeBron James. Selling the Lakers to LeBron should not be hard, and doing it at a time when he would be paired up with the best center in the NBA in his prime would be even easier.

But, should the Lakers whiff on LeBron, or he chooses to re-sign with the Miami Heat, the Lakers would still have options. The list of unrestricted free-agents in 2014 is astounding, and is probably the best free-agent class in a while.

Just to name a few, the list would include LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane WadePaul PierceDirk NowitzkiLuol DengCarmelo AnthonyChris BoshDanny GrangerZach Randolph and Rudy Gay. Suffice it to say the Lakers will be able to sign at least two of these players and put a very good team around Howard.

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