Dwight Howard Holding Los Angeles Lakers Hostage

By Haz Bey
Christopher Hanewinckel – USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard is supposed to make his decision today. The Los Angeles Lakers are the one team involved in Howard’s services that needs his answer today. The longer his decision drags on, the longer the Lakers have to wait to move forward with building their roster for next season.

Los Angeles has never been in the position before where it had to go the extra mile to try to convince a star player to stay with the franchise. It also never had to deal with a player such as Howard, who does not in any way, shape or form embraces the Lakers’ championship legacy. Winning isn’t everything to Howard and with the the Lakers ready to revamp the whole roster in the 2014 offseason, maybe the former Defensive Player of the Year is not the right player to be the next face of the franchise.

Depending on Howard’s decision, the chances that the Lakers will reach the 2014 NBA Finals next season are very slim. The West is so deep, that there is really no clear-cut favorite to advance to the Finals. So, even if Howard re-signs, that does not guarantee the Lakers will be an elite team to contend for a title next season. The focus should be on bringing in players, whether it’s this offseason or the next, that want to be here and embrace the ‘championship or bust’ mentality of Los Angeles.

I do not trust Howard enough to believe his decision will be today, but you never know with this guy. He might say something like “I decided to sign with the Harlem Globetrotters.” Something like that wouldn’t even shock me at all. They are a franchise that their first priority is to have fun; that is right up Howard’s alley. They are also guaranteed to win every game they are involved in. Again right up Howard’s alley. Finally, he would be the face of the franchise. Come to think about it, the Globetrotters are the best fit for Howard, seriously. They have everything Howard could want. They should be major players in this ‘sweepstakes,’ but who’s to say they aren’t involved. Again, with Howard, you just never really know.

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