Should Denver Nuggets Go After Monta Ellis?

By Michael Terrill
Should Denver Nuggets Go After Monta Ellis
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With free-agent shooting guard Andre Iguodola possibly leaving town for greener pastures, the Denver Nuggets must decide how they will replace him. One player in particular that could easily surpass Iguodola’s production on the court is free agent Monta Ellis.

The former Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard is the far superior offensive playmaker between the two players. Even though Iguodola’s shooting percentages might be a bit better, Ellis is by far the better scorer. He can get solid penetration, which draws the defense in, while he is also capable of hitting any shot on the court.

Ellis’ career 19.4 points per game would do wonders for the Nuggets, especially when paired with Ty Lawson’s offensive game in the backcourt. The two would form quite the dynamic duo, one that could be considered the top-scoring offensive guard tandem in the NBA when it is all said and done.

At 6’3”, the 27-year-old is certainly not the ideal height for shooting guard, which is a concern for many teams looking to sign him. Not to mention, he is not the greatest defensive guard in the league. With that being said, his quickness will allow him to rack up the steals, while his outstanding offensive game will provide the spark Denver needs to get over the hump.

The Nuggets are certainly open to the idea of Iguodola re-signing with the team, a deal he should definitely take. However, if he decides that he rather take more money than win a championship, Denver is perfectly fine with acquiring Ellis.

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