With Dwight Howard Signing, Does Omer Asik Want Out?

By Dylan Hughes
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

After the long wait, Dwight Howard has finally made his decision and will play for the Houston Rockets. Before Howard came into play, Omer Asik was Houston’s center. Well, Asik may want out of Houston with Howard taking his place.

According to sources, Asik has stated he doesn’t want to backup Howard nor play with him whatsoever. Asik may request a trade out of Houston, which could end up working out for the Rockets. The Rockets were pursuing both Howard and forward Josh Smith this offseason. They now have Howard, and are still interested in Smith.

What would happen is simply a sign-and-trade that would send Asik to the Atlanta Hawks, and Smith to the Rockets. Smith would most likely play power forward in Houston if a trade did go down as Chandler Parsons has rightfully earned his position as the starting small forward.

Fans, I know you’re still recovering from this whole Dwight Howard deal, but don’t shy away from social media just yet because this Smith deal could go down soon. It could happen tonight, this weekend, or in two weeks, but I assume it happens soon. Usually when a player wants out, and the team he’s on is hungry for someone, a trade just seems likely. The way things are right now, the trade just seems like it could happen soon. Smith wants to leave Atlanta, Asik wants to leave Houston. It just works.

If this trade does go down, Houston obviously becomes the favorite to win the West. Jeremy Lin, James Harden, Parsons, Smith and Howard. Wow.

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