Dwight Howard Makes The Right Choice By Signing With The Houston Rockets

By Kaylyn Neely
Dwight Howard
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday night, the Los Angeles LakersDwight Howard became the new center for the Houston Rockets. The Rockets came up victorious against several of the league’s top franchises.

Although, the Dallas Mavericks and the Lakers have great histories, both winning championships in the recent past, the Rockets are clearly the safest choice for success.

Howard made things official by changing his avatar and his city of residence to Houston on twitter. He can’t back down now.

On Wednesday, the league will lift the moratorium on player business. And so, Dwightmare Part 2 will be over much quicker than Dwightmare Part 1.

Howard selected the best situation available to him by signing with the Rockets. The roster is made up of players like Jeremy Lin and James Harden. They are players who are in the beginnings of their careers but already very developed and established. It seems like every couple of months the Rockets add a new piece to the roster that makes them a little bit better.

The Rockets are also reportedly trying to lure in Josh Smith to team up with Howard in the front court. The Rockets have one of the league’s lower payrolls, while the Lakers have one of the highest. As a result, Howard doesn’t have to worry about carrying the team. Harden and company took the Rockets to the playoffs without Howard. He’s has to look at what Harden has done in Houston, like taking his former team the Oklahoma City Thunder, to Game 6 and know he can bring them to the finals. Both Dwightmare Part 1 and 2 were about winning a championship and Houston is the best possible place for that.

Not to mention, Texas doesn’t have the 13 percent state tax that California does, so giving up the extra $30 million dollars the Lakers could have offered him isn’t such a huge factor for someone in Howard’s income bracket.




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