Lawrence Frank's Contract Indicates His Importance To Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

If you don’t think the Brooklyn Nets firmly believe assistant coach Lawrence Frank will be a pivotal component in the upcoming success that the franchise envisions, just take a quick glance at the contract they’ve given him.

With a salary of over $1 million over the next four years, the former head coach of the New Jersey Nets, which was led on the court by the man who now runs the show in Brooklyn, Jason Kidd, has officially become the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA.

That’s how much value the Nets place on Frank. That’s how much the Nets know that Kidd needs an experienced right-hand man to show him the ropes of the new job he’s diving headfirst into. That’s how much of an impact the Nets believe Frank will have next season.

So for as many clear blue skies everyone has painted when chiming in on what the future holds in store for Kidd as a head coach, Brooklyn is still putting a great deal of emphasis on his lead assistant. And that isn’t because they’re short on optimism, but rather because they never regretted entrusting Frank to the highest level once before.

Frank did disappoint over his last three years as the coach in New Jersey, but to no fault of his own. Significant pieces were being moved like Chinese checkers, with Kidd’s departure in 2007 easily causing the biggest blow.

Frank’s first four years in the Meadowlands beginning in 2004, however, serve as the reassuring evidence the Nets needed him. Two division titles and playoff berths in every season speak for themselves. The wisdom he’ll be able to impart onto Kidd will lessen his learning curve dramatically.

Many onlookers probably think that Nets management has lost their mind for giving an assistant coach so much cash, but someone like Frank is certainly worth it, considering he’s guaranteed to make this very peculiar transition for Kidd much, much smoother.

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