Rasheed Wallace Would Benefit Detroit Pistons As Assistant Coach

By John Raffel
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Recent talk of Rasheed Wallace joining the Detroit Pistons as assistant coach raised a lot of eyebrows.

Actually, Wallace would be an excellent assistant as an instructor to the forwards on the NBA team. Mo Cheeks just needs to make sure someone on the bench is in charge of making sure Wallace behaves himself.

That might seem like a half-serious comment, but the last thing the Pistons need is to lose a game by a point or two when their temperamental assistant coach gets slapped with a technical.

It’s not that Wallace would definitely be a hot-headed guy who is out of control. Having some extra intensity on the Pistons bench wouldn’t be a bad idea. Wallace provides as much intensity as anyone could as an assistant coach. Cheeks tends to be a mild-mannered coach when it comes to dealing with players and officials.

But Cheeks should make one thing clear to Wallace; if any one coach is to get a technical, it will be the head coach and not the assistant. The assistants are hired to keep the coach out of trouble and to give specific advice to the players.

The hiring of Wallace would bring  a little bit of life to fans who treasure him for his contributions to the 2004 NBA title team. It angered Wallace that he couldn’t win another title in Detroit. He has always had the hunger in his belly to be a winner, and hopefully that attitude rubs off on the Pistons. He would make a solid assistant coach as long as he stays out of trouble.

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