Would John Lucas III Or Shaun Livingston Be Better Fit For Brooklyn Nets?

By Mike B. Ruiz
Tom Szczerbowski-USA Today Sports

Rumor has it that the Brooklyn Nets may be looking to sign either Shaun Livingston or John Lucas III–both unrestricted free agents–to serve as their backup point guard next season, or at least provide competition for second year reserve Tyshawn Taylor.

If that happens to be true, it would be in their best interest to make Lucas III their first option, even though Livingston is the one who has compiled superior overall statistics throughout his career.

While that may sound nothing short of loopy, it needs to be understood that Lucas III has the absolute upper hand in the exact area that the Nets are seeking improvement in–three point shooting.

Lucas III shot a healthy 37.7 percent from distance last season, and his average after five NBA seasons is a respectable 35.8 percent. Brooklyn has made it clear that it wants to add solid deep threats to space the floor for its stars. That is exactly what Lucas III would bring.

So even though during his career Livingston has outscored Lucas III (6.7 points per game compared to 5.1), he has averaged two more assists than him (3.5 to compared to 1.5) and has been a better rebounder (2.5 per game compared to 1.0). Livingston’s career 20.9 percent mark from the beyond the arc automatically makes Lucas III the favorite of the two.

This should be a no-brainer for Brooklyn. It knows that Lucas III could provide it with what it desires above all, while Livingston essentially doesn’t possess that capability.

He may not score a bunch, but having a shooting threat like Lucas III would give the Nets’ second unit a huge boost.

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