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5 Reasons Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie Is Swell

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Sam Hinkie Is Really Swell

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The Philadelphia 76ers seem to have a clear direction for their franchise under Sam Hinkie. The general manager is going with a full-blown youth movement. This is being done while he is opening up some cap space, trading players for future picks and acting like Andrew Bynum is a piece of the Philly puzzle that just doesn't fit.

This isn't the 76ers becoming Tankadelphia either. Rather, it is Hinkie knowing that if he wants his team to compete for a title, that being in a constant battle for a low-seed in the playoffs just won't cut it. Days of being just good enough to be out of the Draft Lottery but bad enough to never actually make a deep run in the playoffs are gone.

Hinkie is essentially looking to build his core roster in two seasons. Really, he is trying to sculpt the roster with two drafts. One of which already saw them obtain Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter Williams. He will then hope the ping-pong balls fall in his favor next year -- as the 2014 NBA Draft is apparently deeper in talent than Denver The Last Dinosaur was awesome in theme music.

It is also nice that the city of Philadelphia is buying into Hinkie's plan. Things such as rebuilding through being horrible is really a hard sell. It's not as if Philly is known for its patience either. Thankfully for Hinkie, his plan is so obvious that -- unless it doesn't work -- he doesn't really have to sell it at all. I mean, who wouldn't want to be in the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes while already having two solid rookies on their roster?

Here are five more reasons why Hinkie is all kinds of swell.

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5. He Doesn't Have A Wikipedia Page

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Hinkie is doing such an awesome job that the people who roam the pages of Wikipedia dare not make a page for him. It is pretty clear that the only reason he doesn't have one yet is because people are too afraid to build the page then only have to constantly add future NBA Titles to his accomplishment list.

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4. He Treats Andrew Bynum Like I Treat My Kids

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Bynum is talented. Problem being, his talents are matched by his perceived aloofness. Hinkie does think he knows a cure for Bynum's lackadaisical behavior, though. He just ignores him and hopes he goes away. Now, I'm not saying I ignore my kids all the time, but when they are yelling for things I already told them they can't have, well, I give them the 'Hinkie to Bynum' treatment and pretend they don't exist.

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3. Hinkie Traded For Royce White

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Royce White is another player who has a lot of talent but an equal amount of baggage. The risk taking him on, however, is pretty minimal. If it works out, though, he essentially grabbed three starters in a two-week span through the draft and a trade. Couple that with two probable lottery picks next season and the reward can be a starting five full of young, talented and marketable stars.

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2. Hinkie May Be Fictional

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The only thing I heard about Hinkie before the NBA Draft was that he was a statistics guy, nothing else. I'm not saying no one has ever heard of him before or haven't seen him in person since, but the guy's name is Sam Hinkie. Not only does that sound like a character from a Stephen King novel, but I am pretty sure he would play the protagonist. The Hinkie we see now in interviews, on newspapers and online may just be a former bum who the 76ers asked to pretend to be Hinkie. If he's not Hinkie, however, that means someone else must be really making the moves. I see you, random computer using statistics to make deals and decisions.

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1. He Eats Baby White-Faced Saki Monkeys For Breakfast

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Okay. That might not be true. Still, there isn't a GM around whose star has shined so quickly and brightly, but so little is known. I can tell you a bunch of things about him and you might be in a position to believe me because you don't know if it's true or not. So from here on out, you know, Hinkie eats baby White-faced Saki Monkeys for breakfast. Cool?