Detroit Pistons Should Make Trade For Rajon Rondo

Daniel Shirey – USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons picked up a huge addition to their NBA team over the weekend by signing Josh Smith, and now there are reports that they’ve been talking to the Boston Celtics about trading for Rajon Rondo. If the Pistons are thinking of trading Greg Monroe to the Celtics for Rondo, it wouldn’t be worth it. But if Rondo would be available through other means, without the Pistons giving up either Monroe or Andre Drummond, the team may want to look into the matter.

If the Pistons want to get Rondo and team him up with Smith, a former high school basketball teammate of Rondo, that could make both players even more productive than they have been. The current thought is that with Smith, Drummond and Monroe, the Pistons may be overloaded inside.

They might be better off offering Brandon KnightKentavious Caldwell-Pope and some draft picks since it appears the Celtics are planning on starting from scratch with younger players. But it’s unlikely they’re going to overdo it.

It would have to be an attractive deal for the Celtics, who may be facing mutiny from their fan base for the players they’ve unloaded lately.

In the 38 games he played in during the 2012-13 season, Rondo averaged 37.4 minutes, 13.7 points, 5.6 rebounds and 11.1 assists per game. His playmaking skills were awesome. He shot 48.4 percent from the floor.

Rondo, provided he stays healthy, would be worth it for the Pistons, as long as they don’t trade Drummond or Monroe. They have too much invested in both players to trade them right now.

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  • Trey Warner

    Yeah because Rondo would really help the pistons 3 point shooting…haha jk he would make spacing way worst…we should just keep monroe and sign a shooter of free agency

    • brad b

      three bigs would crowd the floor how bout knight, monroe, and villanueva bad contract and make cap room to sign a shooter, nick young maybe

      • Trey Warner

        yeah but 3 athletic bigs would create a lot of mismatches!sure 3pfg% would suck but their were some teams with bad shooting that did good last year like the nuggets and celtics

  • Bill D

    Ahh, the Ol’ “We should trade for [insert All-Star here], as long as we don’t have to give up any of our assets” article. Face it…if Detroit wants a legit All-Star, and top-5 PG, they will need to part with one of their “potential” all-stars. Come on, man…