Should Dallas Mavericks Sign Monta Ellis?

By Michael Terrill
Should Dallas Mavericks Sign Monta Ellis
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks have missed out on big names during the 2013 NBA free agency. There is no question owner Mark Cuban is frustrated considering he made it very clear that he planned on acquiring a difference maker for his team this summer. After the Mavericks allowed shooting guard O.J. Mayo to sign a three-year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks, it might be wise for the organization to ink a deal with Monta Ellis.

Mayo is a bigger loss than the average Dallas fan may realize because he was the second leading scorer on the team last season behind only Dirk Nowitzki. He also managed to record the second most assists on the team (4.4 per game). To top it all off, Mayo was a decent shooter who shot 44.9 percent from the field and a career-high 40.7 percent from beyond the arc.

There is no question the Mavericks must make up his lost production somehow and the best way to do so is by signing Ellis. The 27-year-old is quick to the basket and is outstanding at getting penetration in the middle, which draws the defenders in. He also is capable of setting up his teammates by making beautiful passes, which is definitely something Nowitzki is interested in when it comes to a guard on his team.

Ellis’ career 19.4 points per game would do wonders for Dallas. It would more than make up for Mayo’s lost production, while it would also certainly take the pressure off some of the other playmakers on the team.

One concern with Ellis is that he is not the greatest defender in the league, which certainly could cause problems for the Mavericks. Not to mention, he is going to cost the team a pretty penny, at least more than it would have been to keep Mayo. With Dallas looking to make a big splash in free agency next summer, Cuban might decide to pass on acquiring Ellis. On the other hand, the veteran could be one more piece to the puzzle for the Mavericks to get back to the promise land.

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