Will Detroit Pistons' Decision to Hire Rasheed Wallace As Assistant Work Out?

By Paul Seaver

On Monday afternoon, reports began to surface concerning the latest Detroit Pistons‘ coaching hire. Why would an assistant coaching hire be getting so much attention you ask? Well, it’s Rasheed Wallace, that’s why.

That’s right, newly appointed head coach Maurice Cheeks made the decision on Monday to hire Wallace as an assistant to his staff. The former NBA forward is returning to Detroit, an organization that he played for during the height of his career and won an NBA title with.

The deal between Wallace and the Pistons is for two seasons, according to reports.

So, is this a good fit?

While there will be some who are instantly skeptical of whether or not this will work out or whether or not it’s the right hire for the Pistons, consider some of the reasons behind it. The biggest element is the expanding and developing games of Detroit’s budding front court rotation — that of course being both Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. Wallace is certainly going to be able to help, maybe even more so from a shooting and offensive standpoint. We probably won’t be seeing Drummond pulling up off a pick and pop from beyond the arc like Wallace used to do during his playing days, but you get the point.

Wallace has always had an aggressive reputation and technical fouls were aplenty during his playing career, so Detroit fans are hoping that’s not the type of impact that Wallace will have, especially with newly signed free agent, Josh Smith.

Wallace is a notable name and we will find out soon enough if he can provide a quality impact for the Pistons’ future.


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