Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban Must Look to Plan C

By Greg Higgins
Mark Cuban
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After a disappointing season in which the Dallas Mavericks missed the playoffs, there were high expectations for the offseason. When Mark Cuban failed at grabbing Deron Williams last summer, he promised the Mavericks would be major players come this offseason. Williams had narrowed his choices down to the Mavericks and the Brooklyn Nets, eventually choosing the latter over his hometown Mavericks. This offseason looked promising as well with Dwight Howard being on the open market. Howard, like Williams, had the Mavericks in the mix and, like Williams, chose somewhere different to play. Howard chose in-state rival the Houston Rockets.

In an email to the media, Cuban said, “We gave it a shot and it didn’t work out. It was truly an experience … so it’s on to Plan B.”

I think it’s a safe assumption to wonder what “Plan B” was. The Mavericks also missed out on Chris PaulAndre IguodalaJosh Smith and Andrew Bynum. Dallas was able to sign several guards in Jose CalderonDevin Harris, and Wayne Ellington. The Mavericks seem to have an abundance of guards right now and not very many people to play in the post position.

These are nice pieces that Dallas has added their roster, but aren’t we pretending if we think this group along with Dirk Nowitzki is going to get them another championship? Is this the “Plan B” Cuban talked about? Was the idea to sign a bunch of guards and not address the gaping problem at the center position? Of course this wasn’t the idea, but it does show a real problem Dallas has. Dallas cannot seem to lure free agents to come to town. Everyone seems to have the idea that they would like to play for Cuban but when push comes to shove, they turn and go the other direction.

Perhaps Cuban is working on a trade that would bring some help to the post position, or perhaps he is going to hold out for next offseason and try to lure another free agent to town. Whatever his thought process is and whatever his plan is, he might want to step it up a notch. Fans are starting to get restless in Big D. I’m not sure what “Plan B” was, but perhaps it’s time to move on to “Plan C.”

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