Milwaukee Bucks Made Right Decision to Go After Carlos Delfino

By Michael Terrill
Milwaukee Bucks Made Right Decision to Go After Carlos Delfino
Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Bucks absolutely made the right decision to agree to terms with Carlos Delfino on a two-year, $6.5 million deal with a team option for the third year. Delfino has yet to sign as the Bucks are waiting to see what happens with the point guard Jeff Teague. The organization will not sign anyone else until Teague is signed because Milwaukee is not willing to relinquish their rights to Monta Ellis quite yet.

The Bucks desperately needed help at small forward and someone who can also play shooting guard in relief of O.J. Mayo. There is no question signing Delfino is a no-brainer for the organization as general manager John Hammond continues to make inspiring moves.

The only reason the 30-year-old was available to sign is because the Houston Rockets waived him a few weeks ago in preparation of signing center Dwight Howard. There are still fans in Houston upset with the release of Delfino because many believe his performance off the bench was a huge reason why the team was so successful last season.

The fact is Delfino is a solid threat from beyond the arc, something the Bucks feed off of every year. The veteran specializes in the 3-point shot, as he will look to add to Milwaukee’s decent set of sharpshooters.

As Bucks fans probably remember, Delfino is not a top-notch scorer. He did manage to average 11.5 points per game for Milwaukee during the 2010-11 NBA season, but he only averaged 10.6 points per game last season. With that being said, he did convert 37.5 percent of his team-high 6.3 3-point field goal attempts per game for the Rockets, which is certainly saying something.

The good news is the Bucks know exactly what they are going to get in Delfino. He is a solid defender who can hang with the best of them, and he will go on offensive spurts that will give Milwaukee plenty of opportunities to win ball games.

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