2013 NBA Free Agency: Mark Cuban Has Failed Miserably With Monta Ellis Signing

By Ryan Heckman


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, Mark Cuban. As much as I respect you for being a true player’s owner and phenomenal businessman, I feel for you this summer.

After failing to bring in Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith or even Al Jefferson — all top-tier free agents — you have settled with Monta Ellis. Not even J.J. Redick was interested in playing for your Dallas Mavericks.

Has he lost his touch? I thought he was the ultimate salesman? At least, that’s what I would have assumed judging from his immense success in the business world.

Bringing in Ellis is virtually the same exact thing as they would have had if they kept O.J. Mayo. The only difference? Ellis takes more shots. I’m sure they’re thrilled about that.

Both Mayo and Ellis are high volume shooters that, as of late, haven’t been able to score at a consistent enough rate to please their fans. Is there any wonder why the Milwaukee Bucks, of all teams, were fine letting him go?

Here’s the biggest question I have for Cuban: Why on earth would you pay the guy nearly $10 million per year? What about his recent performances would suggest that type of dough?

Well, I guess I can answer my own question by saying that we are talking about Cuban here. At this point, he is desperate to make some sort of splash this summer and, well, Ellis was one of the only guys left that could be considered a bigger name.

I really do feel for Cuban. But, I feel worse for Mavericks fans. No, I feel the worst for Dirk Nowitzki. I don’t see him getting another shot at a ring anytime soon with how loaded the Western Conference is going to be and how mediocre the Mavs are at the moment. I’m sorry Cuban, but you have failed miserably this summer.

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