2013 NBA Free Agency: Minnesota Timberwolves Will Get Tenacity, Grittiness From Ronny Turiaf

By Ryan Heckman
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When you first look at the career stat sheet of Ronny Turiaf, you probably won’t jump out of your seat with amazement. Actually, I can guarantee you that wouldn’t happen.

With signing Turiaf to a free agent deal this summer, the Minnesota Timberwolves looked beyond the stats. They don’t necessarily need a big-time scorer down low, nor do they need one of the top defenders available in the free agent pool. They have a fairly solid roster at the moment, and needed a cheap veteran big man to fill out their roster.

What Turiaf will bring to the Wolves, however, is something they needed more of. The grittiness and toughness of Turiaf is something he’s been known for his entire career, which is why teams have wanted him to play for them. Believe me, they don’t care about his career averages of 4.7 points, 3.6 rebounds and 1.2 blocks.

The one thing that does stick out about those numbers though, is the 1.2 blocks he has averaged throughout his career in just 16.8 minutes per game. He’s not going to give you more than a couple of points and a few rebounds on any given night, but he will give you 100 miles per hour on every play.

Turiaf doesn’t take plays off. He’s one of those guys you absolutely hate unless he’s on your team. He’s scrappy, and on occasion may be the center of an altercation on the floor. He could wind up getting himself a technical every once and while. He just might punch a guy in the face.

Okay, that last one was an exaggeration. But, you catch my drift.

The Wolves made an excellent decision grabbing Turiaf as their last big to fill out the rotation. He brings a totally different mentality that is needed in Minnesota, and hopefully rubs off on the other guys down low. Fantastic job, Minnesota. Your offseason continues to impress.

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