Cleveland Cavaliers: Jarrett Jack Thinks He's Already Part of a Playoff Team

By Ryan Heckman


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This summer has been full of plenty of controversy for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It all started draft night, where the Cavs held the number one overall pick and instead of taking the likely candidate, Nerlens Noel, they took forward Anthony Bennett out of UNLV.

The second big move of the summer is one of those ‘love it or hate it’ signings as the team chose to sign Andrew Bynum to a two year, incentive-based contract. Plenty of critics doubt the move will turn out for the team, but it looks like there’s one person in particular who thinks the Cavs have done everything right so far this offseason.



Jarrett Jack was one of the better bench players last season as he helped the Golden State Warriors in their improbable playoff run. He and Kyrie Irving will undoubtedly provide fans with an exciting combination of point guards in the back court.

Let me address the Bennett pick, now. I give Cleveland credit for going after what they saw as a sure thing. Will Bennett turn out to be an All Star? I’m not sure. It’s a possibility. But, what most agree on is that he will be a good player in this league.

Bennett can do a lot of things well already and is a very versatile power forward in respect to his scoring ability. Paired with Tristan Thompson, Bynum and their newly signed forward Earl Clark the Cavs should have a great group of big men this year.

Adding Jack to the mix of guards that includes young and talented shooting guard Dion Waiters will be fun to watch. There are still not a lot of general NBA fans that know who Waiters is, but believe me it’s only a matter of time before the 21 year-old guard establishes himself even further.

It’s not going to hurt having one of the better up-and-coming point guards in the NBA on the floor feeding these guys. Irving is without a doubt a top-5 point guard as we speak. Disagree? Feel free and tell me why below. But, just wait until he proves it in 2013.

Quite frankly, I agree with Jack. He is right about his team’s talent as of right now. With the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoff race constantly being wide open, they very well could finish anywhere from the 6-8 seed. Does it sound a bit crazy? Maybe. But, I know Jack, for one, would argue that with a respectable case.

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