Golden State Warriors: Andre Iguodala Will Solidify NBA's Best Perimeter Lineup in 2013

By Ryan Heckman


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I already have you jumping down my throat about this bold prediction, and I’m excited about that.

With the addition of Andre Iguodala, the Golden State Warriors will prove to the rest of the NBA that they will boast the best 1-3 lineup in the entire league — guaranteed.

Allow me to explain.

Stephen Curry at point guard gives you all the scoring and passing ability you want in a young point guard, and assuming he stays healthy, he will be a top-5 point guard in the league very soon. Remember that game against the New York Knicks in 2012? Curry played one of the single best games I have ever seen in the history of the NBA.

If you have not seen those highlights still, I encourage you to watch them. Curry shows, like many nights, that he is capable of taking his game to another level that is simply beyond anything a human is supposed to be able to do. He can take some of the most odd, off-balanced shots and sink them with a calm, collected look on his face as if he planned it that way.

Combine Curry with a pure shooter like Klay Thompson, and like head coach Mark Jackson has said, you get the best shooting back court in the history of the game. Hey, I didn’t say it.

Thompson shot the three ball at over 40 percent last season in only his second year in the league. The 23 year-old shooting guard has as high of a ceiling as anyone at the position right now, and that my friend, is utterly frightening.

Alas, we come to Iguodala. Having been one of the top perimeter defenders in all of basketball for quite some time, he may be the final piece the Warriors needed to compete for a championship. They have always had the scoring, but that extra push on the defensive side of the ball will put them over the top.

Having the ability to shut down the league’s best wing players on any given night, Iguodala will allow the Warriors to force the ball into the hands of teams’ second, third and fourth options every game, giving them a much better chance at improving not only their rebounding but the fast break — a huge part of Iguodala’s game.

Watching the Warriors next season will be a blast, especially the back court and wings. I haven’t even talked about Harrison Barnes once yet. But, I think you get the point. Golden State will feature the league’s best 1-3 lineup next season. I may sound crazy now, but just wait until they prove me right in a few short months.

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