Indiana Pacers: David West Will Prove to Be One of NBA's Top Free Agent Signings of 2013

By Ryan Heckman


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers didn’t come into the 2013 offseason with tons of cash to work with, but the money they did have on hand they knew how they wanted to spend. Their top priority this summer was to bring back big man David West.

West is one of the more consistent power forwards out there, finishing last season with a PER of 20.15 while averaging 17.1 points, 7.7 rebounds, one steal and one block per game.

Shooting the ball at 49.8 percent in 2013, West put up the third highest shooting percentage of his 10 year career. The thing a lot of people take for granted about him is the ability to score in a couple of different ways.

Being an incredibly thick and strong body, West can post up the best of them in the NBA with ease. The guy trains MMA in the offseason and is a regular in the weight room in case you could tell. Whenever I see an opponent get in his face as though they were to start an altercation on the floor, I immediately start praying they don’t make him too angry.

That wouldn’t turn out so well.

West can also hit that mid-range jumper with consistency. In a time where many post players cannot shoot it from further out than 10-12 feet, he can knock them down from a solid 17-18 feet on the regular. He’s multi-dimensional in that respect — a huge asset.

If I may go out on a limb here, West is really one of the all-around, true power forwards we have today. There are plenty of guys who can do damage in the post but not shoot the ball like West can. On the other hand, there are guys who can shoot lights out and stand a good seven feet tall but when you ask them to take the ball into the post they have no idea what they are doing.

Lastly, West brings a defensive intensity that is unmatched in Indiana which is one of the biggest reasons they brought him back. The Pacers have established themselves as one of the most physical teams in the NBA and West is the center of that effort on every single night. With all of his well-rounded attributes, West will prove to be one of the best signings of the summer in 2013.

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