Lamar Odom Is A Los Angeles Laker at Heart

By shimonmoshehai
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Odom has a lot to smile about lately, although his life has been in shambles the last two years, Lamar might be coming home. Most from the outside might see this as a pity move, one to get Laker fans back on the bandwagon, however, it is hard to ignore the potential that Lamar has to make a comeback in Purple and Gold.

In his last two stops Lamar endured limited minutes, increased scrutiny and critics questioning his game and desire. As a player though, Lamar shined the brightest as a Laker catapulting himself as Sixth Man of the Year during the Lakers run to the championship.

However, after a sour circumstance that left Lamar “technically” still a Laker after David Stern blocked the Lakers acquisition of Chris Paul, Lamar checked out. In Dallas, he seemed out of his element, unhappy and just not motivated to play the game at the high level he is used to playing.

By coming to the Clippers, Lamar was able to get the next best thing, a return back to one of his former teams in his favorite city.  But the comeback was not complete; it was something about playing for the Lakers that made Lamar the star we all knew him to be.

With another opportunity for a reunion to occur, the Los Angeles Lakers are taking a close look at their former Sixth Man of the Year. He is obviously not expected to be the glue player for a championship like he previously was for the Lakers, but he is expected to play somewhere near his former level. It is quite a gamble for the Lakers to take, but as this is not a typical Laker season, with the championship a distant dream, the risk is low and benefits are through the roof.

Lamar is capable of adding consistent scoring off the bench–especially with the exit of Earl Clark to Cleveland–for the Lakers, who ranked among the league’s worst bench scoring teams in the last couple of years. At the very least, Lamar Odom is a mismatch for the opposing team and a devastating ball handler when his heart is in the game and devoted to the team he is playing for. Although his age does not help the aging Lakers’ roster, his familiarity with the team and Kobe Bryant may offer the stabilizing force needed for this Hollywood Turbulence.

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