Michael Carter-Williams’ Poor Summer League Performance Sign Of Things To Come For Philadelphia 76ers

By Zach Slotter
michael carter williams nba summer league
Eric Hartline – USA Today Sports

Although the Philadelphia 76ers did not get to see lottery pick Nerlens Noel play in the 2013 NBA Orlando Summer League, they got to see the other in Michael Carter-Williams. On the surface, his numbers look respectable: 13.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 6.8 assists. But in order to truly realize how shaky the 11th overall pick was in the five games in Orlando, you have to dig deeper.

In his five games, he shot 23-of-85, an abysmal 27 percent from the floor. He also shot 16 percent from three (3-of-19). The biggest knock on MCW upon his departure from Syracuse was his inability to shoot from the outside. Now obviously, that isn’t going to change from the time of March to the start of the summer league, but look at Evan Turner as proof that it’s not an overnight project to improve outside shooting.

It’s alarming to me that the Sixers would compliment a shooting guard that can’t shoot with a point guard that also can’t shoot unless Turner has no place in their future.

Another alarming stat to take a look at was his 4.8 turnovers per game. His two worst games came against the defense of Patrick Beverly and Victor Oladipo; one is already a great defender and the other was drafted to do the same. Jrue Holiday, the guy the Sixers traded to draft MCW, led the league in turnovers with 3.7 in his third NBA season.

Carter-Williams is just a rookie, so Philly fans should expect to live the turnover nightmare yet again this year.

MCW will certainly get the time to work out the kinks with this rebuilding team, but his two inefficiencies, outside shooting and ball security, were in full effect down in Orlando. He could very well figure it out and be a solid NBA point guard down the road, but a fair warning to Sixers fans: what you saw in Orlando is more than likely what you will get for at least the first half of the 2013-14 season.

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