Phoenix Suns Will Regret It If They Don't Give Alex Oriakhi Solid Look

By John Raffel
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

For some aspiring pro players, the ongoing Summer League play in Las Vegas means a chance to learn something about the new teammates, keep that competitive edge and learn more about the game on the pro level.

Then for guys like Phoenix Suns rookie Alex Oriakhi, who was the No. 57 pick in the NBA draft, it’s about getting attention from his new team and starting the process toward securing a roster spot.

Oriakhi was a second-round draft pick, which means he doesn’t get the guaranteed contract like those who were selected in the first round.

So at 6’9”, 255 pounds, with a wingspan of 7’4”, Oriakhi is going to have to play the best basketball of his entire life.

He came to the Suns from the University of Missouri after averaging 11 points a game on an NCAA tournament team that had six players in double figures in his senior season. But Oriakhi will try to impress the suns with his shooting accuracy. If he duplicates what he did in his collegiate season, it could be more impressive than the Suns would have ever imagined.

Oriakhi shot 74.6 percent from the charity stripe and 63.9 percent from the field. It would be good for his free-throw shooting to improve slightly, but that percentage from the floor can hardly be beaten.

Oriakhi was drafted so he knows the Suns recognize what he can do. It’s a slight edge being drafted No. 57 compared to not being drafted at all. But in this case, how Oriakhi performs this summer and during the preseason will determine if he’s got a future in the NBA.

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