2013 NBA Free Agency: Rajon Rondo Should Demand Trade Immediately, Would be More Than Justifiable

By Ryan Heckman


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

No more Doc Rivers. No more Kevin Garnett. No more Paul Pierce. No more Jason Terry. The last man standing, Rajon Rondo, is in serious trouble with this Boston Celtics team that has established themselves as a ‘rebuilding project’ going forward.

If I were Rondo, I’d want out — and fast. I have virtually no other veteran, All Star presence on the team and I’ve never known any different. So, why would I want to be part of a rebuilding project after being in the conversation for a championship most of my career?

For his own good, and quite frankly his career, Rondo should demand a trade immediately. He’s one of the league’s best passers, but is in danger of ending up like Ricky Rubio and his first couple of years — almost no one to pass the ball to.

He’s got all this talent as a pure point guard, but now has no one he can depend on when setting up teammates offensively.

There’s no more feeding Pierce on a cut to the basket or kicking it out to him after a drive to the hoop. There’s no more dumping the ball into Garnett in the post for a high-percentage shot attempt or a set-up on the elbow for a likely bucket.

Rondo now has Jared Sullinger, an unproven sophomore coming off an injury-ridden season. He has Brandon Bass, who takes way too many shots as it is. Avery Bradley is arguably the best guard on the team besides Rondo at this point.

Oh, he’s also got a raw rookie talent in Kelly Olynyk who’s dominating summer league at the moment but that could virtually mean nothing come the regular season.

Yeah, I’d say Rondo has more than enough reason to want out. And, if I’m the Celtics — in ‘rebuilding mode’ — I would give it to him. It’s a win-win. Rondo won’t be happy for much longer with the way things are going, despite what he may tell the public. Give him what he wants in the long-run and the team will benefit because of it down the road.

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